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What type of workers need asbestos awareness training?

  • Workers who enter ceiling cavities (such as insulation installers; pest spray operators; air-conditioning installers; maintenance and repair workers; solar panel providers)
  • Electricians; plumbers; carpenters and joiners; plasterers; painters and decorators; gas fitters; demolition workers; floor finishers
  • Emergency services workers
  • Building and construction workers

Course Overview:

Asbestos Awareness training is mandatory for anyone whose normal work duties present a reasonable likelihood of disturbing or coming into contact with asbestos.

This course will provide the knowledge to know what asbestos is, where it is likely to be found, health risks and what to do once the asbestos is identified.

Course Outline:

  • Identifying relevant OHS/WHS legislation that applies to asbestos
  • Explaining what asbestos is and where is it has commonly been used
  • Identifying likely asbestos containing material
  • Knowing health effects of exposure to asbestos
  • Identifying when a license is required when removing asbestos
  • Describing the safety requirements of working with asbestos

Course Duration:

  • Do the training online at your own pace when it suits you
  • Students usually finish in 1-2 hours

Course fee: $65 plus GST


*Please note that this is not a nationally accredited course



Essential Facts About Asbestos Awareness Training Course

Today, it is a very frequently asked question about who should appear for an asbestos awareness training course and why? It is a training that is highly required for all those employees who are exposed to asbestos. It should be provided to those demolition workers along with those who are in the refurbishment, maintenance, and even allied to trades.

Keep in mind that asbestos training is not training which you will work with any kind of asbestos. The best part about the asbestos awareness training course when you do it from Safety Australia is that you will be able to apply for an online course where the majority of the participants finish the course within one or two hours. Upon successful completion, they get a certificate that fetches good work and a stronger resume for upcoming job applications. You may be curious to know why this course is essential.

The fact is that it provides a very comprehensive introduction to all the possible dangers for those who are working with asbestos, which will help all the employers to simply comply with the law and ensure that the workers are trained well and can work safely.

Reasons We Need to Train Employees with Asbestos Training Today a lot of employees are looking for jobs. Some are trained well, and some apply for the job hoping they will be trained on the job. With workers coming to the building and starting their work, they are in an atmosphere where asbestos is. Asbestos, as mentioned earlier, is dangerous, and hence it is mandatory for all the workers to be well trained and have the right skills to work safely.

Employees should learn how to approach areas where there is asbestos with care. Recognizing the asbestos material is also essential, which you will learn in the training once you get in touch with Safety Australia now. Asbestos awareness training helps you and others work safely to avoid the severe risks and long-term health consequences of exposure to asbestos in the workplace.

In training, the health risks of asbestos will be highlighted to the workers to know what can harm them.  Knowing the health risks behind asbestos will result in workers becoming more alert and cautious. Remember to inform about asbestos in the area the respective individuals in charge. Asbestos awareness training is compulsory, and every worker should be trained. It informs them, along with the managers, about the legal obligations that are under concern in the process of asbestos discovery.

It helps in knowing how to minimize the risks associated with asbestos to the health of the workers and the company. This unique training will train all participants to work safely without even having to interfere and disturb the materials available in the atmosphere. They will be taught to wear gloves and protective clothes to make sure they are safe. On a final note, we should add that it ensures workers know what to do during an emergency instead of panicking. As an employer, make sure that everyone involved in working in an industry where asbestos exposure may be part of the job participates in asbestos awareness training.

Asbestos is a serious problem in Australia today, and it has been affecting the lives of many and causing havoc in the building and construction industry. Getting the latest information on this dangerous good is just one way to minimize the risk of exposure. Profoundly evolving knowledge of asbestos is essential to mitigate the potential risks in the workplace. Another consideration is to conduct asbestos awareness training so that you can identify and address asbestos that may be present.

This is when Safety Australia came to action and started providing the best certificate training to all the interested participants.

What Does an Asbestos Recognition Training Course Need to Cover?

Asbestos recognition training is suitable for people who encounter asbestos while working but are not obliged to use or repair asbestos. They do not work with asbestos materials, but they can still be at risk. This is the lowest level of asbestos education and is designed to educate people about these risks and how to avoid them and destructive asbestos.

It provides learners with the basic knowledge and skills needed to protect themselves and others from exposure to asbestos. The HSE provides information on what the law requires for asbestos training content to help professionals achieve the required level of knowledge. Asbestos awareness information, instruction, and training should include: Characteristics of asbestos and how to identify them. Health effects that asbestos exposure can have on health. This consists of an increased risk of lung cancer for smokers.

Types and potential occurrence of asbestos and asbestos materials in buildings and equipment. How to Avoid the Risk of Exposure to Asbestos by Following the Controls in Place? General steps to follow in dealing with an emergency. For example, in response to the uncontrolled release of asbestos dust in the workplace.

Is Training Required by Law?

The training allows employees to work effectively and safely. Employers are required by law to consider what type of asbestos training is appropriate for their workers to meet “appropriate” training requirements. In particular, asbestos awareness training (Category A) is a legal requirement for those who have encountered asbestos but do not need to deal with asbestos.

For example, it is appropriate and a requirement for employees who must avoid work that could interfere with asbestos during normal work. This may be due to work being done on building fabrics or other items that may contain asbestos.

Some professions that may require asbestos recognition training are: Construction worker Demolitionist Roofing craftsman Plasterer Heating engineer Ventilation engineer Carpenter and carpenter Plumber This list is incomplete. The employer must assess the risks to which employees, including asbestos, are exposed and plan appropriate training levels accordingly.

Benefits of Asbestos Recognition Training Asbestos awareness training for employees is essential from a health and safety perspective. Asbestos is hazardous to health, and historical exposure to asbestos fibers in the air is the leading cause of death for British workers. This explains an estimated 5,000 deaths annually in the UK from past exposures.

Exposure to asbestos often does not directly harm health. The onset of asbestos-related diseases, such as lung cancer, usually occurs between 15 and 60 years after initial exposure to fiber. This means that workers may not be aware of the health hazards of asbestos fiber until it is too late.

Asbestos awareness training is beneficial because it makes workers aware of the seriousness of the risks posed by asbestos. It provides the knowledge and skills needed to work safely and avoid destructive exposure to asbestos and what to do in the event of an asbestos-related emergency. This helps protect yourself and others from the potential asbestos exposure.

If you are interested in knowing more about the training and its duration and other details, hurry and visit the official website of the and ask all your questions and wait to be relied on. Get valid training to save your life and then a valid vital certificate on successful completion from Safety Australia and get yourself your dream job with better pay anywhere in Australia.